Some time ago I made a conscious choice to be grateful, to remember to recall my blessing not count them as counting will take too long as the Lord has been very generous with me. Now after the few months that I have had it seems I have been living a sheltered life without any cares but with great abundance. I was going through a tumultuous time and I thought I do not have the strength nor will I be able to make it through this time without any major scars, but my husband reminded me that I have actually been through worse even though I did not see it.
In his words he said I will put my bet on you anytime against the odds as you have come up against difficult times countless times before and you have won every time, so statistically chances are you will overcome.

This prompted me to take stock and I have won every time, I have a clean record against rough times.
I decided then that I will be grateful every day; I will find and declare my gratitude. This has been very helpful as a few months later and this has been the past 5 months; I have had some of the worst times of my life. I have through this time been the calmest I have been with great strength and courage. I have not blamed and have continued to recall my blessings as they are more abundant and countless yet to many not memorable while the hardships are so memorable we are hyperthymesiac about them.

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With my gratitude I have relinquished the burden of my troubles to the universe. I am not saying that they do not affect me negatively but that they are punctuations of my life and not pit stop in my life. I am grateful for this as with all that happened to me recently the burden is far too heavy to carry around and to keep asking why me would mean that I have now taken the responsibility to find out why, who and how come? Which I may never find out but will most definitely waste my time. I would not be able to return things to their previous state and would miss the chance to grow and learn from the situation.
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Choosing to recall my blessing and declare my gratitude has put me in a buffered life where I am touched by trouble but am not fazed, but I am firmly rooted and secure to the world whirl winds. Where before I was living a sheltered life and ”trouble” which really was small unsettling shook me and left be drained and hollow.
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