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Do it your self face mask, the healthy option

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why spend a wad of money on store bought face mask with all the chemicals whose names you can pronounce when you can make your own at home, with ingredients that are already on your shopping list? And if you like me buy stuff and use it a few times only to dispose of it months later and repeat the cycle again all over again, this will help save you some money.

Below are masks made at (1)

The first base for using all these masks is to wash your face with luke warm water. This will soften the dead skin and make the mask more effective. Oh! Remember, remember to always rinse twice and mask at least twice a week for good results. Don’t overdo it as you will be left in a far worse off position that you were in

Rooibos (Red) Tea mask

The mask will exfoliate and cleanse your face and is suitable for all skin types.

rooibos 3

Put a bag of rooibos (red tea) in hot, not boiling water in a basin for 5 minutes. Take the bag out and pore contents in to a cup and mix with a spoon of yoghurt or honey or a bit of both. Gently put the mixture on your skin and leave in for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash your face in the tea water in small circular motion to gently scrub your skin.

Banana mask


Half a ripe banana is mashed to a mask consistency and then put on the face, leave for 30 minutes and wash off.

Oatmeal Mask


Can be used by allskin types but more beneficial for oily skin,

Soak oatmeal in warm water for a few minutes then add honey or yoghurt or a bit of both. Put this on your skin and wash it off with warm water while making small circular motions to exfoliate your skin.


Sugar can be used to exfoliate the skin all over your body,

Lemondownload (3)

Put a bit in your wash water when rinsing to get a matt finish or after washing your face put a few drops on a cotton ball and use as a toner.


A teaspoon full can be used as a mask for dry skin, or used as a night repair. Just put on about a teaspoonful and wipe of excess with a dry towel just before you go to bed.


Traditional Themed Invites

Traditional Themed Invites.

Helpful hints to maintain your furniture good as new

Coffee and Walnut furniture fix

Rubbing a walnut over scratches on your furniture will camouflage knocks and scrapes in them, polish as normal. For the darker furniture a solution of instant coffee will do the trick let it stain, polish as normal

Tree Stump Table

Tree trunk with concrete top

  •  tree stump
  • Wooden frame for concrete mould
  • Wire meshing
  • Reinforcing bars


The base for the table is a fallen tree stump. To produce the custom concrete top, build a frame with a plywood base and 2.5cn x 12.5cm x 1.5cm in a shape of your choice. Reinforce the bottom with wire mesh and reinforcing bars as concrete is heavy and the table top may crack and fall. Cut a cross section of a large stump that will fit inside the frame. Fill the frame with concrete even with the top of the stump. Let dry for three days and then, remove the frame even out and polish. Clean the tree stump seal it and vanish (optional).

Display Cubes

I recently went in to the storage room to look for a school book I used a few years back and now needed it again. I found stuff I had not seen in a few years that had been stored away there by my mother when when I last moved, since I was 8 months pregnant at the time i could not even supervise where my items should go. there were a three of my beatiful frames and a few small wooded sculptures i got on my last visit to the Kruger national Park.

Since the house was already full  and there was no space to put them, My husband remarked the only space left to pu anything was the walls and he was thankful for that. Little did he know he had given me and idea of where I would put my hippo and child sculture, wall cubes.

Narrow horizontal cubes

These cubes are easy to do and are hung quite like the way you would your frames or you can drill two holes in the wall at the coners of the cubes and put in the medium to heavy duty nails depending on what you will put in the cubes to ensure they don’t toppel over and destroy you variables. You can make any shape you want but i find Squares and rectangles work best the length and width can also be varied according to the kind of items you intend to put put on it.


Decorated Cubes



These are great space savers and very chic and decorative  and can be used to put just about anything. the inside of the wall can be painted a different colour to give more spunk, they can also be arranged in anyway  you like to give the wall more character. the cubes themselves can be painted or you can use brocade stencils or any pattern you like. These can be found at any panit retailer or scrap booking supplier.

Kids room Honey comb


This is a fun shape for kid’s rooms, the cube itsself can be painted as well. there are no limits as to which room to put the cubes in as they are versatile.

Cd Rack


I made a CD rack similar to this one but the bottom brances were big for my books and the top are CD’s for my husband it was also afixed to the wall 40cm off the floor.

Give your Doors and cupboards a facelift


It is said that change is as good as a holiday and there are a few things you can change around the house that will give it a face lift.

Update kitchen cabinets with new door handles. Slimline pull handles don’t come loose as readily as knobs, although installation requires drilling an extra hole to line up with the existing one. Your local building supplies store will carry a wide range of handles for every application they will also give out advice on how to install

With this I put in the most stylish handles I could find from and


Make a handle jig
Jigs give you a template to space holes accurately. They’re inexpensive to buy and come in a range of sizes and materials such as plastic or Perspex . To make your own handle jig, Measure the centre-to-centre hole in the new handle with a ruler or measuring tape. Use a piece of cardboard or scrap piece of wood to make the jig. Attach two 20 mm-wide strips at right angles on adjacent edges. Mark the position where the hole will be drilled and check them against the handle. Drill two 2 mm holes and countersink them slightly.


1 Drill an extra hole
Use the jig to mark up screw holes. Remove the old knob and position the jig over the existing hole. Use a self-centring 2 mm bit to drill a pilot hole, drilling both holes for each door slightly larger than the diameter of the screws.

2 Measure the screw length
Make sure the screw thread matches the new handle. Check the length of thread required, which is the door thickness plus about 3 mm. Clamp the screw in a vice and cut in the nearest groove between threads with a hacksaw.


3 Fit the handles
File the end of the screw thread to remove burrs. Position a screw in a hole from inside the door and thread it onto the handle by hand. Repeat with the second screw. Tighten screws with a screwdriver to pull the handle towards the door.


When cutting any bolt to length, try this… Turn a nut onto the bolt and turn it to beyond the cutting point. Then cut the bolt, and unscrew the nut – as you turn it off, so the nut’s thread will align that of the cut end of the bolt, and remove burrs at the same time. Simple!

Hello world!

I have always loved decorating and I relised that all the good stuff in the press is always very expensive. I am taking a journey on interior desing and it will be very affordable for any one.

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