DIY mirror frames

Carved mirrors

Its easy to create your own DIY mirrors frames using inexpensive or even free materials to macth your room decor. You can find an intact mirror or an empty frame that could be modified into the theme. Glass companies can cut mirrors to fit many custom sizes. Here are a few simple techniques for customising an empty frame using fabric and other natural materials.

Remove mirror from frame

   DIY Mirror Frame with Fabric

Cut the Fabric to Fit the Frame

Cut the fabric into strips, each a few inches wider and longer than each section of the frame, the shape of the fabric cuts will be determined by the shape of the frame.Lay out one strip of cloth, right side down, and place a section of the frame down over it, also right side down. Wrap the fabric around the frame just like wrapping a package, and staple the fabric into place. To add a fancy touch, the fabric can be ruched before stapling to create a pretty pattern.

Fabric frame

Stapel the fabric back to the frame and replace the mirror to the back of the frame as it was.

For ths option you can also use wool, this is more time consuming though, you loop the wool aroung the frame until the frame is completly covered, you can opt to use one or a number of colours.

Cable knit Frame

This next technique involves using small sticks, twigs, pieces of bark, pine cones, shells or any other thing that interests you.

DIY Mirror with Twigs and shells

The sticks can be any kind you like and the sizes can differ to make a more interesting frame. Cut them either lengthwise to cover the length of the frame or widthwise to cover the width of the frame.

emty frame and


Paint the sticks and let them dry well in time before you you apply them to the frame, it will be less messier and remember to colour your life interesting.

Lay the frame down onto a work surface right side up. Use the hot glue gun to glue the sticks into the desired pattern, you can also usse wood glue or epoxy.

Shelled Mirror

You can use shells and bark be creative and make patterns, you can also use tiles to create a mosaic effect, most buliders supply stores sell these in mats that you can just cut to shape and stick.

Mirror with sticks

art motifs

These can be bought from an art supply store and stuck on the frame very easy, you also have an option of buying decorated cornices and then stiking them on the frame.

you can use decorated cornices for this one

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  1. Hi there iamtrying 2 make fabric frame from scrach

  2. Hi there iam trying to make a fabric frame for my mirror from scrach pls help

    • Hi Rosetta,

      Apologies for the late reply. Please give me details of what you will be using as a frame.

      If you use wood, which is lighter than the metal; you will need to take the measurements of the mirror you have and the frame should be about an inch or 2.5cm smaller than the frame. You will also need the fabric.

      With regards to the fabric you will need to either saw it into a hose ( uses less fabric) and thread the frame through it at one open end with the stitching neatly hidden in the centre back of the frame or loop it through diagonally right around the whole frame. The mirror will be secured in the back with the mesonite board, which should be the size of the mirror plus the 2.5cm to fit snugly on the space behind the frame.

      Secure this with screws and fasten frame hooks on the frame not the backing board as your mirror may just fall out.

  3. Thank you for visiting my site

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