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Improve the look of your Vases

Stained vase

As a youngster I did a bit of painting on fabric, glass and other mediums and that is a bit, I went to lessons on weekends for the year and I you can imagine how little I know of paintings but I did pick up a few things that came in handy at times in my life.

The other day I was looking at the vases in the flower shop and seeing the price tags on them, I cringed. I also noticed that the clear undecorated ones where cheaper by up to 75%. I thought back to those high school days and then decided I will take a clear glass and stain it myself.


Vase divided in parts

The top vase is the easiest to do as you just put your vase upside down and pour down the paint and let it drip, you can have the different colours flow at the same time, this creates a spectrum of colours. You can choose the colours you want and those that will give beautiful colours when mixed.



Colour blocking.

This  style is easier  to paint as you can use the separetor wait for it to dry or semi dry out and you can paint the different colours in the blocks.

This vase is painted from the bottom-up while the vase is upside down like the top one with various colours of the glass staining paint, unlike the top one to get the clear separete lines you will need to use fine tip paint brushes and to wait for the different colours to dry out completely befor the next colour can be introduced.


Cracked vase

Tip: to hasten drying place in the sun or at low heat in the microwave.

This vase is one I like the most, it involves deocopage. It has better advantages my limited knowledge, you can take the vase and clean it make sure its dry, take a picture or any drawing you like, transfere it on to a 75-80gsm paper. paint over the areas of the vase in a colour you want and wait till its completely dry. Paint only on the site you will be pasting your picture with the deocopage glue or paper glue. When this is completely dry take step 1 of the cracker and paint the whole surface of vase. Apply with the deocopage cracker step 2  after its dryed out, this is the one that actualy makes the cracks, please note that the are various sizes of cracks that is the cracks comes out with variying sizes from small to large.



Display Cubes

I recently went in to the storage room to look for a school book I used a few years back and now needed it again. I found stuff I had not seen in a few years that had been stored away there by my mother when when I last moved, since I was 8 months pregnant at the time i could not even supervise where my items should go. there were a three of my beatiful frames and a few small wooded sculptures i got on my last visit to the Kruger national Park.

Since the house was already full  and there was no space to put them, My husband remarked the only space left to pu anything was the walls and he was thankful for that. Little did he know he had given me and idea of where I would put my hippo and child sculture, wall cubes.

Narrow horizontal cubes

These cubes are easy to do and are hung quite like the way you would your frames or you can drill two holes in the wall at the coners of the cubes and put in the medium to heavy duty nails depending on what you will put in the cubes to ensure they don’t toppel over and destroy you variables. You can make any shape you want but i find Squares and rectangles work best the length and width can also be varied according to the kind of items you intend to put put on it.


Decorated Cubes



These are great space savers and very chic and decorative  and can be used to put just about anything. the inside of the wall can be painted a different colour to give more spunk, they can also be arranged in anyway  you like to give the wall more character. the cubes themselves can be painted or you can use brocade stencils or any pattern you like. These can be found at any panit retailer or scrap booking supplier.

Kids room Honey comb


This is a fun shape for kid’s rooms, the cube itsself can be painted as well. there are no limits as to which room to put the cubes in as they are versatile.

Cd Rack


I made a CD rack similar to this one but the bottom brances were big for my books and the top are CD’s for my husband it was also afixed to the wall 40cm off the floor.

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