Collage table

Funky Collage

I have always loved collages and think they are agreat way to show case your pictures in a very interesting way. I recently took an old table that I got from my mother did not look as good as it did in its prime.

Old Wooden table

I needed to spruse it up as I had no money to buy a new one so I took some of the collages that I had made and added to them on a piece of messoniteboard cut to the size of the table, you can also use cardboard.

Collage on Board

I also had a sheet of glass cut to the size and shape of the table top, your supplier can do this for you and alsobuff the edges so they do not cut. Shutter proof glaze can also be added but this will cost a bit extra but it is worth it if you have kids and or cleaners as they are not always carefull when picking up to clean it.

The collage was put up right on the table and secured with prestik and the sheet of glass placed over it, you can get anti slip pads at the coners of the glass to keep it from sliding off the table


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  1. It is an interesting concept to change an old boring table.

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