Decorating Kids Bedrooms

Froggy theme

Finding out that you are pregnant and the whole pregnancy period is very exciting. I remember how excited I was and the planning that followed. I had a specific look for the baby room and knew exactly where to get everything but the bedding; I had a tailor make them for me.

Below are a few looks you may like. Baby boutiques here in south Africa a very expensive and for particular themes you will have to go the tailor route as they may not carry them. Look around in major retailers as well as hardware stores, you still have time If its still early in your Pregnancy to shop around for the individual items and please do not despair as this is the most enjoyable time.

I enjoyed this putting together of the room and the joy of seeing it all come together as I brought each new item home.

The above theme is my favorite and the one I chose for my daughter, I even had frog sidelambs(from Builders warehouse). and covering slips for the chest of drawers( whichI got from PEPs- they have a few varied themes). I opted out of the wall paper(most baby botiques carry) and dought a border from Game stores.

The following website will help with where to find stuff and inspiration;

if you need extra help you can leave a comment with your email address and I will get back to you.


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