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DIY headboards

strip walls with walpapered headboard

Every bedroom is different but most have a common focal point, the headboard. Headboards come in a variety of styles and I will show you how to make your own using very little tools and ones that can be changed as often as possible without breaking the bank.

We will star with the simple and proceed to the one that needs a bit more effort.

With this ‘headboard’ scatter cushions were used, you can choose any colour that suits the colour scheme of your bedroom or those that will create a contrast.

What you need:

Hooks (quantity is determined by the size of the bed and cushions)

What to do:

Saw on pieces of string to all the ends of your cushions, then measure the distance between the ends of one side and mark on the wall with a pencil and then insert your picture frame hooks (they will not damage the wall and still give great support).  You will need to make 3or 4 rows depending on the size of your cushions and when you are done you can tie the strings to the hooks and you have a new head board or you can vary it like the second picture.

Scatter cushion headboard


AGrden Chair headboard with frames


In this picture the cushions are all hang individually and the string is sewn to the back of the cushion

Single cushions in dots


There is a lot of ways to vary this kind of headboards, you can use pictures  and canvases  as done below.

Use your favourite pictures and enlarge-very centimental


These suede canvases create a 2 dimesional look for the headboard


Decorating with picture frames

cluster twirl photos

You can give any room a facelift or a shot personality with just a few changes. Nothing draws attention like a wall of well-framed and well-arranged family photos; this is also your way of showing off your interests or your last holiday. Start by choosing your best photos and finding the perfect spot to display them; avoid walls that get direct sunlight, which will cause images to fade. If that’s not possible, replace the glass in your frames with a sheet of protective UV-filtered acrylic, available at frame shops. Be sure you also have the right tools on hand — a level, measuring tape, hammer, sharp pencil, and a set of picture-hanging hooks, which are designed to do less damage to your walls than regular nails.

Bedroom-Design-Guide may be use anywhere

Some pictures can be converted to black and white which make them look more professional and also adds more character, this can be done using the options available on your PC/camera.  If your PC/camera does not have the options you can also take your negatives or you digitals to your nearest photo shop to do this its relatively cheap.

You can arrange them in any way you choose; there is no formula to this and in a few minutes you will have your new focal area be it in the bathroom, bedroom or dining room or any room you choose. This is an inexpensive way of achieving a classic expensive look for any room in the house.

Please avoid overdoing it as this may shock the eyes and not appeal or create the attention and classic look you are aiming for.

empty frames

Small kitchens tips

the perfect small kitchen

Colour is an essential part of decorating; it is not a finishing touch, therefore it is important to take your time in selecting this as it is the canvas on which you will paint your master piece. You can also change the colour of your kitchen to give it a fresh look now and then. You should not have the same colour for too long.

Changing the colour will also give your kitchen an effect of a major makeover.

Light colours are great for small kitchens as they reflect light creating an illusion of space and so your kitchen will not look too crammed. Dark colours have the opposite effect and will make a small room look even smaller. It is also a good idea to have extra lighting in your kitchen ; this should be the more natural lighting like day glow globes that can be bought any good hardware, this gives your kitchen a spacious clean look.

Dark cupboards with normal lighting

Hello world!

I have always loved decorating and I relised that all the good stuff in the press is always very expensive. I am taking a journey on interior desing and it will be very affordable for any one.

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